Suite Sleep Adjustable Kapok Pillow

  • If you like sleeping with a soft, fluffy pillow that compresses easily you’ll like our adjustable kapok pillow. Suite Sleep makes this natural pillow with a zippered case so you can customize the amount of kapok fill anytime. Dust-mite and moisture resistant.

    Learn more about the comfort of kapok pillows. 
    • 100% kapok fiber fill derived from seed pods of the Ceiba tree, untreated and cleaned for purity
    • Kapok fiber compress easily and rebounds slowly similar to a down pillow
    • Kapok is naturally resistant to dust-mites and moisture
    • Covered with a zippered case made from GOTS certified organic cotton sateen
    • Dimensions: Standard 20" x 26", Queen 20" x 30", King 20" x 36"
    • Crafted in the USA
  • Do not wash your kapok pillow. We have found the fiber permanently clumps and turns brittle when washed. Instead, keep it clean with a pillow protector and a pillow case. Fluff pillow to revive the loft.