As you evolve through life’s stages, Obasan evolves with you.

How your life stage affects your sleep.

Child. Children thrive when they seep well. Obasan products provide optimal spine and full body support with exceptional comfort and alignment to help children get the sleep they need to grow. All our products are handcrafted from natural, chemical-free, and breathable materials that regulate body temperature, keeping children of all ages comfortable and sleeping peacefully.

Teen. Teenagers experience significant changes as their bodies enter their peak stage of growth. Sleep is an important part of healthy development so it is imperative that thier sleep is of the highest quality. Our tailored products ensure that their bodies are correctly supported for optimal spine alignment which means they experience complete relaxation and a deep, restful sleep.

Athlete. The better the quality of sleep, the better an athlete’s performance. Obasan products deliver the support and comfort that athletes need, so they get the highest quality sleep. Also, athletes tend to experience frequent injuries which means they require temporary shifts in support during sleep. Obasan products adjust easily for evolving support requirements.

Adult. During adulthood, body density and weight changes result in shifts in the body’s comfort and support needs. Obasan products are designed to evolve with the body so tension from pressure points can be eliminated and quality sleep can be achieved at every stage of life.

Pregnancy. A pregnant woman needs a supportive sleep—one that is comfortable, healthy, and free of pressure points. Obasan sleep products are fully customizable so that even temporary changes in the body’s weight, density, and center of gravity can be adjusted. Obasan materials are 100% organic which means you and your baby get the healthiest sleep.

Aging well. Our bodies change as we age. Obasan sleep products adapt to changes in the body so the quality of sleep doesn’t change. Issues such as back pain, changes in sleep patterns, and body structure can be easily resolved with minor adjustments to your sleep products and habits.

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Dual Zone: Obasan 8”

  • 8” of organic rubber, dual zone customization
  • Great model for low profile bed frames
  • Ideal for teenagers and young adults due to its lightweight and portable design

Dual Zone: Obasan 9”

  • 9” of organic rubber, dual zone customization
  • Great model for low-medium profile bedframes
  • Same great features as the 8”, with added plushness

Multi-zone: Obasan 10”

  • 10” of organic rubber, multi-zone customization
  • Ideal for most sleep postures and body types
  • Our most popular option

Multi-zone: Obasan 12”

  • 12” of organic rubber, multi-zone customization
  • Ideal for sleepers who require additional pressure relief
  • Softest possible option

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