If you prefer a dense, slightly springy comfort-feel and medium to firm support  you’ll like the comfort of a wool pillow. It softly cradles your neck and head; great for side and back sleepers. One of our favorite things about these pillows is that you can customize the loft. They're made with a zippered case so you can remove or add the wool fill to make your pillow feel as thick or as flat as you want.

The many benefits of wool contribute to the comfort of a wool pillow.  They’re an excellent choice if you’re sensitive to mildew and dust-mite allergens. Dust mite resistance and body temperature control are two of wool's primary benefits.  Because wool handles moisture so well, it helps regulate your body temperature, minimizing periods of sweating and cooling.  Wool is also dust mite resistant, as dust mites like a moist environment, which wool does not provide.

All of our organic wool and eco-wool pillows are made without the use of conventional wool processing chemicals.