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Are you looking for a round shape pacifier that is similar to the shape of your babies bottle? Handcrafted out of pure natural rubber with a silky touch, and is of course, toxic free and compostable. Easily identifiable with Hevea’s unique ventilation holes, and an ergonomic butterfly shape that gives space for the nose and chin, which prevents vacuuming around the mouth. If your child is used to drinking from a bottle, chances are high, they will love the pacifier with a round teat. 

The orthodontic pacifiers are designed to prevent tooth misalignment and orthodontic issues later in life. They feature a nipple that is flattened on the bottom and rounded at the top. They are specifically designed to support the shape of a baby's developing palate and jaw. 
It reduces the pressure on the gums and developing teeth.

Studies have shown that the orthodontic pacifiers cause less open bite or overbite problems than traditional round pacifiers.

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