W4 Elite Stroller Wagon


The perfect stroller wagon for all of your adventures.

The W4 Elite Quad Stroller Wagon

Holds up to 4 passengers

Raised, Reclining Seats

Adjustable Canopy Fabric and Canopy Poles

Deep Carriage with Mesh Sides

Ample Storage Space On All Sides of the Carriage


Folds down for easy travel and more adventures.

  • Age Group: 6+ Months
  • Wagon Weight: 58 lbs, with seats
  • Wagon Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Seat Weight Limit: 99 lbs per bench (2 seats per bench)


The W4 Luxe Stroller Wagon

  • W4 Elite Stroller Wagon
  • Two Bench Seats
  • Rear Basket
  • Canopy Poles and fabric
  • Pull Strap


Frequently Asked

What is the difference between the W4 Elite and the W4 Luxe?
The W4 Elite offers a fabric, neoprene handlebar cover, all terrain EVA wheels, non-magnetic harnesses and does not offer added storage on the front of the rear basket.

Do the all terrain XL wheels fit on this model?
Yes, the all terrain XL wheels are compatible on the W4 Elite.

Are the canopy poles adjustable?
Yes, the canopy poles are adjustable.

Do the seats recline?
Yes, the seats do recline.

Are the dimensions the same as the W4 Luxe?
Yes, the dimensions are the same except for the the height of the wheels. The frame of the wagon is the same.

Vendor: WonderFold

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