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Our matching foundation replaces the box spring in a bed frame.

Strong and durable, Savvy Rest’s matching natural, organic foundations replace the box spring in any bedstead or bed frame to support your latex mattress. They are available in two standard heights.

Other options include our organic coir bed rug which adds air circulation for solid-platform beds, a platform bed insert which gives strength to any existing bed frame, a roll-away trundle bed that offers strong support for an extra mattress, and our adjustable bed frame that allows for elevation while sleeping.

The proper foundation for any latex mattress.
A latex mattress is supported by a rigid surface—a foundation or platform bed. Our matching natural foundation replaces the box spring in a bedstead or frame. The foundation is a rigid wooden support made of untreated pine, with three-quarter-inch slats spaced 2.5" to 3" apart. It is enclosed in the Savvy Rest organic casing. Height: Standard (9") or Low-profile (5").

Foundation Tips
To choose the right height, measure the "box spring space" in a new bed, or measure the height of a box spring you are replacing in an existing bed. Foundations are not returnable.
A King or California King foundation is two-piece.
A split (two-piece) Queen foundation is a good option for homes with small doors, narrow stairways, or tight corners. Be sure to measure these areas before choosing a model, and remember that a foundation does not flex.
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