Wool Pillow

Wool Pillow

Start enjoying a better night’s sleep with a natural and organic wool pillow from Satara Home & Baby. Your pillow greatly affects the quality of your sleep. If you find yourself constantly waking up in the middle of the night or are having problems falling asleep, it might be time to change your pillow.

Why Buy a Wool Pillow?

There are numerous reasons why you should invest in a wool pillow. At Satara Home & Baby, what we love most about our wool pillows is that they have adjustable lofts. Every wool pillow that we sell comes with a zippered case, so you can add or remove the fill to your liking. By altering the amount of fill, you can make your pillow feel as firm or soft as you want.

Being customizable is only one of the many perks of our wool pillows. To learn more about the benefits of having your own wool pillow, take a look at our list.

It Can Help Improve Your Sleep

Most of us don’t realize how our pillows affect our sleeping habits until we use one that’s really uncomfortable. If you’ve ever slept on a bad pillow, you’re probably familiar with the neck pains that you usually experience the next day. Having a painful neck is not only a minor problem; over time, it can cause discomfort in other areas of your body.

With a wool pillow, you can say goodbye to restless nights, as well as the recurring pains caused by incorrect sleep postures. You can also experience other wonderful health benefits when you use a wool pillow:

Comfortable Body Temperature – Wool handles moisture well, so it can effectively regulate your body temperature. When it’s cold, wool fibers trap air and create an insulating layer. When you begin to perspire, wool draws moisture away from your skin, helping you cool down naturally.

Extra Support – If you prefer a pillow with a dense and slightly springy comfort-feel, as well as medium-to-firm support, you’ll love a wool pillow. Wool is shown to provide more support than other pillow options, such as cotton, goose down, or synthetic fiber. In addition, a wool pillow softly cradles the head and neck, making it wonderful for both back and side sleepers.

Wool Is Hypoallergenic

Before we focus on the hypoallergenic properties of wool, we must first define “hypoallergenic.” According to the Merriam–Webster dictionary, it means “having little likelihood of causing an allergic response.”

A lot of marketing campaigns use words like “anti-allergenic” or “anti-allergy” when endorsing their pillow. However, these expressions can be misleading because nothing is guaranteed to cause no allergic reaction in any way. When it comes to fighting allergic reactions, buying hypoallergenic products is a great way to go.

Now, let’s discuss why wool fibers are hypoallergenic. Wool is a natural fiber and the wool in our pillows are cleaned with hot water and natural soaps, avoiding the need for harmful chemicals, minimizing a reactions to your wool pillow. Also, wool fibers can absorb and desorb moisture when necessary promoting a dry environment resistant to fungus, bacteria, dust mites, and other microscopic organisms. A wool pillow shares these amazing characteristics.

You Can Use It Year-Round

When we think of wool, we might assume that it’s a warm material only suited for cold weather. What might surprise you about a wool pillow is that it offers great thermal comfort. You can sleep on a comfortable wool pillow any day of the year without feeling overheated. It stays comfortable regardless of the season because the wool material rapidly absorbs excess heat and helps get rid of body moisture.

A wool pillow also stores and releases warmth evenly through the night without making you feel too hot or clammy. Unlike synthetic materials, wool is a breathable fiber that provides instant comfort.

Wool regulates itself according to your body temperature, so it stays warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. The scientific reason for these incredible properties is that in cold temperatures, wool wicks away moisture. At the same time, the insulating characteristics of wool trap warmth and dry air. In warm weather, wool’s breathable qualities draw in air. This process removes excess moisture and heat from the body.

It’s Easy to Clean

With proper care, wool pillows can last for decades. Take note of these tips to maximize the longevity of your wool pillow:

You can wash your wool pillow but we don’t recommend it. No matter how gently you wash your pillow, the felted wool bits (bolas) will lose their small cocoon-like shape. Keep in mind you don't need to wash your pillow to keep it clean.

Using a pillow protector and pillow case, as well as airing it outside in the sunlight will do the job. But if washing is a must do it with care. There is a very specific step-by-step process to follow when washing a woolly bolas pillow. Feel free to get in touch with our team for instructions.

Wool Is a Sustainable and Natural Material

A wool pillow is eco-friendly, so it’s preferred by environmentally conscious people. Wool is hard to challenge for its sustainability because it’s a renewable resource that can be shorn from sheep on a yearly basis.

Wool is also kinder to the environment than oil-based synthetics, which contribute to pollution. At the end of its life, wool is biodegradable in soil. With that being said, if you invest in a decent wool pillow, it’s highly unlikely that you will throw it away. Wool pillows are extremely durable and can last for generations.

At Satara Home & Baby, all of our eco-wool pillows are manufactured without using conventional wool-processing chemicals. Our best-selling Suite Sleep Wooly Bolas pillows are made using 100% domestic wool.

Although the sheep are not certified organic, the wool fiber is cleaned and processed to meet the highest purity standards of the industry. Some of these processes even go beyond the standards specified for organic materials. Rest assured that we don’t use harsh chemicals to scour the wool and our wool pillows are free of coatings or synthetic lanolin additives.

Sleep Better, Live Better With a Wool Pillow

Getting a great night’s rest can make an amazing difference in how your day goes. Buy comfortable wool pillows at Satara Home & Baby today, and save yourself from another sleepless night! Our store is located in Middleton, Wisconsin, and we are open to serve you from Monday through Saturday.

If you wish to learn more about the advantages of having a wool pillow, or if you have questions about our other products, don’t hesitate to call us at (608) 251-4905. You may also contact us if you want to get pillow recommendations from our team. Our friendly and accommodating staff would be glad to assist you with any questions you might have about a wool pillow.