Wool Comforter

Wool Comforter

A great night’s sleep on a wool comforter makes gloomy mornings brighter and stressful days more manageable. You’ll wake up feeling alive, energized, and ready to seize another day! For the best sleeping experience, complete your bedding system with a wool comforter from Satara Home & Baby. We are a trusted online store based in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Adding Comfort to Your Slumber

The quality and length of your night's rest affect your day more than you know it. The good news is that it doesn’t take much work to get a good night's rest in your own bed. The secret? A cozy mattress, a soft pad, and a soft bedding system.

Here at Satara Home & Baby, we offer a premium-quality wool comforter that completes the formula for an excellent slumber. Our wool comforter offers just the right amount of warmth to the body, allowing for a great sleep. Order a wool comforter from us, enjoy a better night's rest, and say goodbye to tossing and turning! 

Choices of Lightweight Wool Comforter for Your Sleeping Preferences

Nothing beats the comfort that your bed offers after a long and tiring day at work. Have you ever experienced looking forward to capping off a busy night with a deep slumber, only to find yourself incessantly tossing and turning on your bed because of the uncomfortable temperature? If so, either your room has ventilation issues or you’re using the wrong type of comforter.

Buy a new comforter from Satara Home & Baby, and say hello to a long, uninterrupted sleep at night once again! We offer three choices of lightweight wool comforter that can help you rest better and improve the quality of your time asleep. No matter your sleeping preferences, you are sure to find the wool comforter that’s perfect for you!

Sleeptek Organic Wool Comforter - Summer Weight

Worry no more when the temperature is warm and rest soundly with a lightweight organic wool comforter by Sleeptek. Specifically designed for warmer nights, this premium wool comforter offers less weight and wool fill than your regular wool comforter.

Features Including


Freshen the wool comforter with air and sun. Place it outside under direct sunlight from time to time for several hours. When in use, keep the wool comforter protected in a duvet cover.

Crescent Moon Alpaca Comforter

Lightweight and warm, this premium wool comforter serves as a very comfortable alternative to down, silk, and 100% pure wool duvets. It offers a winter weight, making it perfect for cold nights without weighing you down as you sleep.

The soft yet strong Alpaca fiber used in this wool comforter is organically grown and blended with a small amount of sheep’s wool. This produces more loft and holds fibers apart for better insulation. To prevent clumping, the fibers are covered in organic cotton and quilted through.


Care: Freshen your Alpaca comforter with air and sun. Place it outside under direct sunlight from time to time for several hours. When in use, keep it in a duvet cover.

We highly suggest that you wash your Alpaca comforter as seldom as possible. The less it is cleaned, the longer it will last. If you have to wash your comforter, it is very important that you do not allow it to get agitated, as this shrinks and felts the fiber. 

Front Load Washer: Choose “wool wash” cycle, and then choose “light.” Use cold water and mild soap. When the machine stops, you can run it again on spin cycle to make sure most of the water is out. Hang the comforter to dry.

Top Load Washer: Fill the machine with cold water and mild soap. Add the comforter and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Plunge it up and down by hand to clean. Turn the dial to spin. Fill the machine with water again to rinse the comforter; don’t let it agitate. Turn the dial to spin again and hang the comforter to dry.

Suite Sleep Washable Wool Summer Comforter

This lightweight wool comforter is made to be used for any season. It is recommended for people who don’t need much help in keeping their body warm as they sleep. The soft cotton cover made with 100% organic cotton fiber is diamond-quilted to the wool filing to mitigate wool migration.


Care: Machine-wash cold and air-dry flat. If you’re using the dryer, choose the air-dry-only setting. Use a duvet cover to protect your wool comforter.

Wool Comforter That Is Right for You

The type of comforter you use when you are asleep is crucial to the quality of your slumber. The next time you’re buying a wool comforter, consider getting one that not only feels comfortable in every move, but also matches your comfy mattress and soft pad. 

Satara Home & Baby offers three types of wool comforter to match your personal sleeping preferences and habits, as well as the weather. Our wool comforter also has an extraordinary ability to absorb body moisture and excess heat rapidly. It stores and releases warmth continuously and evenly through the night without making you feel too hot or cold.

For your health, we also made sure that each wool comforter is crafted with organic cotton, pure wool, and natural latex to minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals. We have partnered with reputable mattress and bedding manufacturers, including Savvy Rest, Sleeptek, Suite Sleep, and Crescent Moon, to bring you safe and natural alternatives to mass-produced wool comforters and other bedding supplies.

Order the Ideal Wool Comforter Today

A quality night's rest leads to a better living. Get yourself a pure wool comforter from Satara Home & Baby, experience a luxurious slumber, and enjoy the benefits of a great night’s rest! Buy today and let our wool comforter lull you to sleep.

For inquiries about our wool comforter and other great bedding products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You may reach us by phone at (608) 251-4905. We look forward to hearing from you about a wool comforter today!