Why Wool in a Natural Latex Mattress?

Wool in Latex Mattress Cover

When customers stop by to test drive our natural latex mattresses they are often surprised to learn wool is one of the three natural materials used in our Savvy Rest and Sleeptek beds. A soft layer of organic wool batting is sewn into the mattress casings, quilted between two layers of organic cotton. Why is it there?

One of the amazing benefits of wool is it acts a natural flame retardant. Wool is naturally slow to ignite. It’s inherently flame resistant thanks to its unique ability to hold and release moisture. Used as batting in a mattress casing, wool can meet federal fire safety requirements without the use of chemical flame retardants.

A safe, natural flame retardant is an important feature to consider when creating a healthy, non-toxic bed. Most conventionally produced mattresses contain brominated and chlorinated flame retardants; chemical fire protection that is raising serious concerns from scientists, and the public, about toxicity and the adverse effects on our health.  In 2010, scientists and physicians from 30 countries documented the health hazards of these fire retardant chemicals and recommended a worldwide ban.

Another key benefit of wool you’ll appreciate is comfort. The wool layer in our natural latex mattresses provides much more than just natural fire protection. It will help you: