What Makes a Kid’s Organic Mattress a Healthy Bed?

Naturepedic Quilted Deluxe Organic Kid's Mattress

What’s in a kid’s organic mattress that offers healthy sleep benefits you won’t find in a conventional bed?

It’s the breathable, natural materials: organic cotton, wool and natural latex. Each one of these materials has its own unique natural properties that provide your child with safe, comfortable sleep. Here’s how they work:

Certified Organic Cotton

Certified organic cotton used in our kid’s natural and organic mattresses as padding and quilted cover allows your child to:

Organic Wool

A layer of organic wool batting sandwiched into the cover of our Little Lamb Natural Latex Mattresses helps your child:

Natural Latex

A mattress made of at least 95% natural latex (real foam rubber with no synthetic fillers) such as our Little Lamb kid’s bed provides your child with:

Does your child have a Latex Allergy? We suggest consulting with your allergist for advice before purchasing a natural latex mattress. Some customers who are mildly allergic are still able to sleep on a natural latex mattress as long as they have someone else handle the “raw” latex layers and zip on the cover. Once the mattress is encased and made-up with bedding you are well shielded. If you have a serious reaction to natural latex we recommend going with an organic cotton innerspring mattress instead.