Shredded Natural Latex Pillow: What makes it so comfortable?

Best selling shredded latex pillow

If you’re looking for a natural pillow with customizable comfort and long lasting quality be sure to try our adjustable shredded latex pillow by Suite Sleep.

You’ll find it feels uniquely different than other natural pillows such as wool, alpaca, down and kapok. Many of our customers discover this natural latex pillow offers them a certain comfort-feel and support they just can’t get in other types of pillows.

What makes our best-selling shredded latex pillow so comfortable?

It’s made with a feel-good combination of softness, resilience and excellent support.

Finely shredded natural latex fill is what gives this pillow a comfy sink-in feel that is resilient but not too bouncy. It's much more plump and weightier than our other natural pillows. For you side sleepers the thick, slightly springy loft will feel supportive to your head and neck and soft on your face and ears. 

You can customize your pillow’s thickness for any sleep position.  

How many times have you brought a new pillow home and soon realized it’s either too thick or too flat? You won’t have that problem with our shredded natural latex pillow because the fill is adjustable.

This pillow is made with a zippered organic cotton case, which allows you to open it up and remove (or add) some of the shredded latex to create a level of firmness and thickness that feels just right. This is great for you back sleepers, and side/back sleepers, who want a flatter loft but don’t want to lose any of the support.

You’ll have this shredded natural latex pillow for many years.

A great thing about natural latex is that it’s a durable, long lasting material. It’s naturally resilient, too. This pillow consistently holds its shape and maintains its comfort. Compress it and you’ll find it bounces right back to its original form.

Suite Sleep makes the shredded fill for this pillow from real rubber. No synthetic fillers or chemical flame retardants are added. That’s a big deal when it comes to comfort.  Air can circulate through the natural latex material, which deters heat and moisture build-up as well as those pesky dust mites.