Shredded Latex Pillow

Shredded Latex Pillow

If you are having restless nights, you could be just a shredded latex pillow away from peacefully settling into a blissful, unconscious state. Ideally, you should get approximately eight hours of sleep every night, so it is important to have a bed that provides nothing less than unmatched comfort. To promote healthy sleep, Satara Home & Baby offers a variety of nontoxic bedding items. From organic wool comforters to a selection of shredded latex pillows, we have everything you need to turn your bed into a restful haven. Shop our amazing products today.

Unique Characteristics of Shredded Latex Pillows

Non-Toxic Materials: Given that you spend a bulk of your life in your bed, having a shredded latex pillow that is free of any harmful chemicals can do wonders to your health. Our shredded latex pillows have been increasingly popular because of their comfort and supportive attributes. They are made out of natural rubber and do not contain any synthetic fillers or petrochemical materials. All you’ll have is a nice, fluffy, and supportive cushion to rest your head on.

Support and Comfort: If you tend to sleep on your side, the thick and springy loft of shredded latex pillows effectively supports your head and neck. On top of that, shredded latex pillows are plump and weigh a lot more than your average natural pillow. The weight and plumpness of the latex filling make the whole pillow soft and resilient without being too bouncy.

Proven Durability: Apart from the resiliency of shredded latex pillows, you also can enjoy them for years to come with proper care. Natural latex is an economical choice because it has been proven to be a long-lasting material. A shredded latex pillow can also consistently maintain its shape. It will retain its original form even after being compressed multiple times.

Organic and Breathable: The filling of natural shredded latex pillows is made from nothing but natural rubber. In addition, air can easily circulate through latex, preventing heat and allowing cooling. This material also deters dust mites, ensuring that your head is always in a clean spot whenever you catch a few winks.

Customizable Thickness: You won’t have to worry about your shredded latex pillow being too flat or thick because of its adjustable features. Every pillow is made with a zippered cotton case, allowing you to remove or add more shredded latex for the perfect shape. You can customize the thickness and firmness of your shredded latex pillow depending on what feels perfect for you. Feel the difference of a shredded latex pillow today!

A World-Class Shredded Latex Pillow

You surely won’t be deprived of some well-deserved beauty rest if you have exceptionally made shredded latex pillows. Satara Home & Baby is known for offering items of great quality, from mattresses to pillows. Our shredded latex pillows are manufactured by two of the most trusted and established brands in the industry, Sleeptek and Suite Sleep.

Popular Manufacturers of Shredded Latex Pillows

Sleeptek: Since 1985, Sleeptek has been manufacturing mattresses and other bedding items using the best organic materials in the world. Their craftsmanship is unrivaled, as everything they produce is delicately handcrafted by professionals. They carry a wide range of items, including Kama mattresses, Como wool comforters, and shredded latex pillows.

Suite Sleep: When it comes to environmental awareness, few bedding manufacturers can equal the passion that Suite Sleep displays. Everything they do is anchored in sustainability, as they use natural, minimally processed materials for their bedding items, such as natural shredded latex pillows.

Tips on Prolonging the Life of Shredded Latex Pillows

Although the durability of shredded latex pillows is unquestionable, you can also do your part in making them last even longer. Check out these awesome pillow preservation tip!

Change the Covers: Regularly changing your covers is a tried-and-tested way of keeping your pillow clean and huggable. Dead skin cells and mites tend to accumulate over time and can transfer from the covers to the latex filling. Adjustable shredded latex pillows have a removable outer cover that can be machine washed. Wash this cover monthly and change your pillow case weekly so your latex pillow remains as good as new.

Remember, your health is dependent on the quality of your night's rest. Don’t deprive your body of much-needed rest—make sure your pillow provides the correct amount of support and level of softness to ensure a good night's sleep.

Fascinating Trivia on Pillows

Ancient Origins: Pillows can be traced back to several millennia ago, particularly during the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia (known today as Iraq). Back then, they made pillows out of (ouch) stone, as ultra-soft cotton and organic fibers weren’t exactly prominent during that time. Given that interesting tidbit, you should feel extremely lucky that you were born in this century!

Lifelong Partner: They say love is crazy, although this real-life tale might be taking it to the next level. A Korean man named Lee Jin-Gyu became madly infatuated with a Japanese body pillow that had an image of a cartoon character. Eventually, that infatuation evolved into love, and he officially tied the knot with the pillow. Let’s just hope that they lived happily ever after.

Conflict Resolution: Filmmaking, especially at the highest level, can easily be a stressful affair. During the early days of Hollywood, filmmakers would engage in pillow fights to unleash their rage and other pent-up emotions. Amusingly, the amount of feathers scattered around depicted the severity of the conflict. If those obliterated pillows led to a few Oscars, then all that pillow-pounding was definitely worth it!

Feel the Extraordinary Comfort of Shredded Latex Pillows

After a hectic day, your weary body deserves to be in a blissful state of support and relaxation. Our Satara Home & Baby shop can provide you with high-quality essentials for your bed so that you can drift smoothly into dreamland every single night. Start upgrading your bed with our great organic products, including soft cotton sheets and shredded latex pillows. Call us at (608) 251-4905 for more information on a top quality shredded latex pillow.