Savvy Rest at Satara Home in Madison, WI

Savvy Rest latex mattresses at Satara Home

We’d like you to meet Savvy Rest, one of our long time suppliers of natural latex mattresses. This unique company has earned the reputation as America’s leading natural mattress manufacturer.

It’s no wonder. Browse the natural latex mattresses at our showroom and more than likely you’ll find yourself practically napping on one of our Savvy Rest beds. They’re that comfortable! Quality, purity and durability have a lot to do with the exceptional comfort of these mattresses; it’s why so many of our customers purchase this popular brand.

“As I learned what toxic chemicals wind up in mattresses, it became my life's work to create a healthy, comfortable alternative.”- Michael Penny, Savvy Rest Founder

In addition to Savvy Rest’s skill and experience in making natural latex mattresses, they excel in something else that’s very refreshing in how they do business: they care about people. What exactly does that mean?

Quality: the comfort, materials and workmanship of a Savvy Rest mattress is all about what YOU want and need….not what the mattress industry tells you to buy. They genuinely care about your sleep preferences, comfort needs and health concerns when designing and producing their products. 

Integrity: Savvy Rest doesn’t care much for green-washing.They’re an open book and honestly share the facts about what goes into making their mattresses and where they’re made. They even share their certification documents and test reports.

Service: It sure makes life more pleasant, and easier, when you’re met with great customer service. Savvy Rest offers just that. They respectfully answer any questions, consistently ship orders in a timely fashion and work with us closely to ensure your satisfaction.   

Get to know more about how Savvy Rest got started and the interesting people who make it all happen.