Nontoxic Bedding

Nontoxic Bedding

If you realized how much time you spend asleep, nontoxic bedding would be a no-brainer. Eat, sleep, and repeat—these are what humans do best. Despite various bedtime distractions like the TV and the Internet, people still tend to spend about one-third of their time sleeping. 

Research has shown that getting enough proper sleep every day can boost your energy as well as improve your overall health. However, what does it really take to have a good night’s sleep? The answer is simple—create a comfortable sleeping environment. You should not only adjust your room lighting or temperature but also use quality bedding and a quality mattress.

Get your organic and nontoxic bedding at Satara Home & Baby. We provide a wide variety of organic bedding made with organic and natural materials. These products will help you and your family get better sleep every night. 

Comfortable Nontoxic Bedding That’s Perfect for Your Little Ones

Newborns and toddlers sleep a lot. As a parent, you have to give them soft, cotton-like bedclothes for extra comfort. Let your infant enjoy his or her slumber when you use our organic and nontoxic bedding. Our product is designed to create a safe, healthy and chemical free nursery for your precious young ones.

Types of Bedding We Offer

Satara Home has been helping people sleep more soundly and comfortably every night. We provide a selection of high-caliber, nontoxic bedding for children and adults. Our products include:

Aside from those, we provide bath items, platform beds, and more. Be sure to check out our website to learn more about our nontoxic bedding and the other healthy living products we offer.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Natural and Organic Bed Coverings

If you think mattresses and bedding that look good and feel comfortable are enough, you are completely mistaken. Conventional mattress and bedding often contain harmful chemicals that may cause various health problems. Listed below are some reasons why our natural, nontoxic bedding is the best thing to use in your room. 

Made With High-Quality Materials: Our nontoxic bedding, such as sheets, blankets, and toppers, is produced through organic and sustainable methods. We also use all-natural substances like cotton, natural latex and wool.

Create a healthy sleeping environment for your kids: Babies and young children are more susceptible to the negative effects of chemicals so it is especially important to minimize their exposure as much as possible. That’s why we offer organic and nontoxic bedding that promotes your child’s health.

Perfect for People Who Have Sensitive Skin: Organics are used in our nontoxic bedding. Our products don’t contain harmful chemicals that can cause allergies or rashes.

Quality fabric: Made with only superior organics, our nontoxic bedding is highly durable. You can have peace of mind knowing that it will last for years as long as it’s properly maintained.

Improve Your Child’s Sleeping Habit With Our Nontoxic Bedding

By the time your infant reaches 9 months of age, he or she can sleep through the night for at least 8 to 12 hours. Help your child sleep comfortably without any interruption using our organic and nontoxic bedding. This way, your child will develop a good sleep cycle, as well as grow healthy and strong.

Protecting Your Family and the Environment

Organic production means protecting the environment. Buying one nontoxic bedding or mattress pads is a great way to further help lessen the use of chemical sprays and toxins on fiber crops like cotton.

Steps on How to Create a Perfect Sleeping Environment

According to research, people spend more time in their bedrooms than anywhere else. That’s why it’s important to have a sleeping environment that will help you improve your sleeping habit. Aside from your nontoxic bedding, here are the things that might help you get a good sleep:

Proper Room Lighting: Having proper room lighting helps regulate your circadian rhythm and sleep patterns. Even a little bit of blue light found in most LEDs can disrupt your sleep.

To solve this issue, make your bedroom as dark as possible. You can do this by turning off the lights completely. In addition, you may use black curtains to cover your bedroom windows. You should also avoid using mobile phones or other electronics that emit blue spectrum light.

Balanced Room Temperature: Experts suggest a bedroom temperature of 62 to 68 degrees. This is because your body temperature naturally cools down a bit when you’re asleep.

For a better sleeping experience, you must also choose bedding that can provide the perfect amount of warmth for your body. Our organic wool comforter can give you just that. This nontoxic bedding helps ensure that you are comfortable and warm in bed even during cold nights.

Great Mattress: Choose a good mattress that fits your body well—not too long and not too wide. Afterward, you can add layers of soft and colorful bedclothes for extra comfort. Our nontoxic bedding comes in a variety of styles and designs that will enhance the look of your beds. 

Good Breathing Quality: Poor indoor air quality can cause disorders such as sleep apnea, skin allergy, and cardiovascular disease. If you spend most of your time at home and have dirty air/ventilation systems, you could be breathing in harmful airborne particles.

Clean your indoor ventilation system and filters regularly to avoid health problems. This will also ensure that you’re "breathing clean" indoors while you’re sleeping.

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Choose Organic: Sleep Well and Stay Healthy

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