Natural Pillows: The Comfort of Kapok

natural pillows - the comfort of a kapok pillow

Kapok fiber boasts many healthy sleep benefits making it an ideal stuffing for adult and kids pillows. Although kapok pillows are relatively new to many people here in the U.S., this unique fiber has been harvested for centuries to make natural mattresses and cushions in other parts of the world. What’s its global appeal? Pure comfort.

Luxuriously comfortable

When customers stop by to test drive our natural pillows they’re surprised by how luxuriously comfortable kapok is. It has to do with its down-like loft. A pillow made from this ultra-light, silky-soft fiber can be easily scrunched, folded and shaped. Then, it slowly recovers its loft much like a feather pillow. But unlike feathers, kapok repels moisture and dust-mites -- two important features that will help you sleep allergen-free.


Another comfort feature you’ll really like about kapok pillows: they’re chemical-free. You can sleep without worrying about breathing in toxins from flame retardants or other harmful chemical finishes. Kapok is hand-harvested from seed pods of the Kapok Tree, which grows in the wild.  The fiber is protected in its pod from the elements and naturally contains a bitter substance that keeps pests away. Kapok fiber is clean and pure straight out of its pod – it requires no chemical processing when used for pillow stuffing.

Adjustable and Renewable

One of our most popular styles is the adjustable kapok by Sachi Organics. This pillow allows you to adjust the amount of fiber whenever you want. Remove fiber if it feels too thick or overstuffed and add fiber to renew your pillow when it compresses over time. Read more about how-to choose the right pillow.