Natural Pillows: Is a Wool Pillow Right for You?

Is a wool pillow right for you

Today's popular wool pillow is the Wooly Bolas pillow.

A wooly bolas pillow is filled with softly felted clusters of wool fiber. Because the oval-shaped bits of wool are fluffy and airy, you’ll find this loose fill provides a thicker loft and slightly springier comfort-feel than pillows filled with wool batting.

Is a wooly bolas pillow the best natural pillow for you? To help you decide we answer your most common questions. 

How does a wooly bolas pillow feel compared to other natural pillows?

A wooly bolas pillow feels somewhat dense with a subtle springiness. If you like a pillow that feels still and cozy rather than bouncy you’ll like the comfort of this natural pillow. It provides medium to firm support that softly cradles your neck and head; great for side and back sleepers.

One of our favorite things about our Suite Sleep Wooly Bolas Pillow is you can customize the loft. It’s made with a zippered case so you can remove or add the wool fill to make your pillow feel as thick or as flat as you want. Our toddler size wooly bolas pillow is adjustable, too!

Wooly bolas fill will compress overtime making it feel a little flatter but not as flat and hard as a wool pillow filled with wool batting.  But remember, you can add more fill any time to increase the fluffiness of the loft.

Is the wool certified organic?

Our best-selling Suite Sleep Wooly Bolas pillow is made using 100% domestic wool from U.S. farmers who raise their sheep in a humane and environmentally friendly manner. The sheep are not certified organic. However, the wool fiber is cleaned and processed to the highest purity standards; some of which go beyond those standards specified for organic materials. This includes no harsh chemicals used to scour the wool and no coatings or synthetic lanolin additives.

Will a wooly bolas pillow make me feel too hot?

What might surprise you about this wool pillow is it offers really good thermal comfort.  You can sleep on this pillow year round without feeling over heated. That’s because wool has an extraordinary ability to rapidly absorb and evaporate body moisture and excess heat.  It stores and releases warmth continuously and evenly through the night, without making you feel too hot or cold and clammy.

What if I’m allergic to wool?

We have found that our customers who experience skin irritation from the prickle of a wool garment typically don’t have a problem with our Suite Sleep wooly bolas pillow.  The organic wool fill is softened substantially through washing and processing. It’s encased in an organic cotton sateen cover which is then covered with a thick, soft organic knit cover. Your skin will not come in contact with the wool.

Our wool pillows contain some residual lanolin in the fill. This is a good thing because lanolin aids in wicking moisture and resisting dust mites.  But, for those of you who have a known allergy to sheep’s wool lanolin or who experience respiratory or other symptoms when exposed to wool of any kind, we suggest you consult with your doctor before buying a wooly bolas pillow.

Will I smell a sheep odor?

Some of our customers detect a faint sheep odor in our wooly bolas pillows. Because the fiber is processed naturally, the scent is not masked by harsh chemicals or detergents. The fiber is thoroughly cleaned and then processed with a minimal amount of vegetable matter. The residual sheep odor will dissipate over time. 

Will a wooly bolas pillow attract dust-mites?

Wool fiber doesn’t like to hang on to moisture.  It naturally wicks it away keeping the inside of your pillow dry. Dust mites hate that! They’re drawn to dark, warm and moist places, which they won’t find inside wool fill. Be sure to wash your pillow cases weekly to deter dust-mite build-up on the outside of your pillow. 

Can I wash a wooly bolas pillow?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. Why? We found washing a wooly bolas pillow changes the comfort; the felted bolas bits swell, matt and clump, which results in a less springy texture than the before washed fiber.

Instead of washing your wool pillow, we recommend keeping your pillow protected from sweat and dust with a pillow protector and pillow case. Wash cases weekly. Put your wool pillow outside in the sunlight from time to time – it will help rid the fiber of residual moisture.

But if you find it’s absolutely necessary to wash your wooly bolas pillow be sure to follow our step-by-step care instructions for best results. 

We invite you to try our collection of wool pillows and other natural pillows at our store in Madison, WI.