Natural Bedroom Makeover: 6 Ways to Add Beauty for Better Sleep

When you love the look and feel of your bedroom you welcome restful nights.

Turning your bedroom into a healthy sleep sanctuary often starts with a natural mattress and organic bedding basics.  From there, it’s important to add elements that you intimately connect with; visual and tactile comforts that make you feel relaxed and peaceful.  

Here are 6 simple things you can do to make your natural bedroom a place of beauty:

1. Calm your bedroom with color

Choose wall colors that make you feel calm and relaxed.  A soothing hue not only adds beauty to your bedroom it may also induce good quality sleep.  

Color studies show tranquil shades of blue promote the best sleep. Nature based greens and yellows are also good choices. Kate Smith, from Sensational Color, explains:  “The warm, life-giving quality of yellow is one of the things that make it a very healing hue.  Green is a balance of both ends of the color spectrum. It evokes both warmth and coolness.  A color ever-present in nature, it nurtures both body and soul.”

To avoid introducing unnecessary toxins into your natural bedroom, opt for a zero VOC paint like YOLO Colorhouse.

2. Set the mood with lighting

Use a combination of light sources to set a relaxing mood and enhance the beauty of your natural bedroom.  Choosing the right type of day lighting can even help you sleep better at night. 

The National Sleep Foundation suggests flooding your room with sunlight, if possible, and use full spectrum task lighting as needed during the day.  As you settle into evening create a relaxing ambiance with dimmed, warm lighting.  And, when it’s time to sleep, turn all lights off for complete darkness.

3. Keep it clean and fresh

 The simplest things like fresh bedding and a tidy space can instantly boost the beauty of your bedroom.  A clean and de-cluttered sleep environment not only looks beautiful it elicits calm.

By keeping your bedroom clean and spiffy you will also reduce common allergens like dust-mites, pollen and mold.  There’s nothing beautiful about those sleep depriving culprits!  Get rid of them with Apartment Therapy’s Home Remedies for making your bedroom an allergy-free zone.

4. Layer on the bedding

Give your bed a beauty makeover with various layers of soft textures and colors. Dressing your bed in organic and natural bedding doesn’t have to result in boring beige. Try combining a colorful duvet cover and pillow shams with a patterned blanket.  Layer your decorative bedding over white or natural color organic cotton sheets.   

5. Display the things you love

Add beauty to your bedroom by making it a place of meaning.  Display sentimental objects and your favorite artwork, books as well as photos of loved ones.  Arrange your beloved treasures in whatever way makes you feel happy and comfortable. 

6. Bring nature inside

There’s nothing more restful and beautiful than a view from the bedroom to a pretty garden or a simple bouquet of flowers next to the bed. Nature calms the mind, according to research published in the journal, NeuroImage. The study found spending time in natural environments induce feelings of tranquility.

Bringing nature into your bedroom can be as simple as adding a potted plant, handcrafted wood furnishings or a painting of a soothing oceanscape. 

Photo sources from top to bottom: Lisa Romerein via Coastal Living Magazine, Bodie & Fou, "Gathered Tones", Elle Decor Magazine