Natural Bedding for Hot Weather Sleep

What is the best natural bedding for sleeping cool this summer?

As summer temperatures soar, the right combination of natural bedding can make a big difference in how well you sleep.  Here’s our favorite combo: 

Surprisingly, a wool mattress pad, wool pillow and some cool percale sheets are great options to keep you sleeping cool as summer temperatures soar. They're also a good choice if you "sleep hot" regardless of the season. 

Wool Mattress Pad and Woolly Bolas Pillow

Wool bedding for summer, really?  Yes!  In fact, a wool mattress pad and a woolly bolas pillow are essential for helping you sleep cool during hot weather. These natural bedding basics offer really good thermal comfort without making you feel overheated or cold and clammy.

Here’s how it works: wool fiber has an extraordinary ability to rapidly absorb and release your sweat and excess body heat.  As you sleep, your body undergoes temperature changes resulting in heat and humidity build-up.  Wool doesn’t hold onto moisture; it wicks away the extra heat continuously and evenly through the night.  This thermal regulating action allows you to sleep cool and dry.

Cotton Percale Sheets

Touch organic cotton percale sheets and right away you’ll notice they have a cooler, crisper feel than cotton sateen sheets.  The difference is in the weave. Cotton percale is woven tightly using fine yarns in a basic square weave. It allows air to pass through the sheet easier than sateen, making it more breathable.

For the coolest percale sheet, look for 100% cotton without any type of wrinkle-resistant or easy care finish.

Lightweight Summer Blanket

Do you sometimes crave a little bit of extra cover when summer temps turn cooler during late night or early morning? We recommend a lightweight 100% cotton or linen blanket made with fine yarns and open weaves. This will allow good breathability and won’t weigh you down. A blanket that feels slightly heavier than your sheet usually provides just the right amount of warmth and comfort as needed during hot weather.