Kid’s Natural & Organic Mattresses: How comfortable are they?






A good-quality natural latex mattress or organic innerspring mattress will provide your growing child with the necessary supportive comfort she/he needs from toddler age through the teen years.

Which one supports and feels the best? You’ll find a well-made natural latex mattress and an organic innerspring bed both offer excellent support. However, the comfort-feel is uniquely different between the two types of mattresses. 

Below we compare comfort-feel and support between our two most popular kid’s natural mattresses:

Natural Latex Mattress: Little Lamb Grow-With-Me Sleep System by Suite Sleep 

Organic Innerspring Mattress:  Organic Cotton Quilted 2-Sided Deluxe by Naturepedic 

In addition to good support, there are many other features of a kid’s natural mattress that contribute to its comfort. Join us for upcoming posts about the natural materials and non-toxic flame retardants that make these beds a smart choice for healthy, comfortable sleep.