How-To Choose an Organic Mattress Topper


If your mattress is preventing you from sleeping comfortably through the night a mattress topper may help.  An organic mattress topper or wool placed directly on top of your mattress adds a comfortable cushion to help relieve aches and pains at pressure points such as hips and shoulders.

A mattress topper works best on a supportive mattress. Your mattress should provide the support you need while the topper provides pressure point relief. If your current mattress is no longer providing adequate support it is unlikely that a mattress topper alone will improve sleeping conditions.

Natural and Organic Mattress Topper Options

When shopping for an organic mattress topper, we recommend you try and compare different styles to determine the right comfort level for your body.  Each topper has its own unique “feel” based on the type of materials used.

Organic or Untreated Wool:

Wool offers many healthy sleep benefits making it an excellent choice for a natural mattress topper.

First of all wool absorbs and releases moisture, moving sweat away from the body. It helps prevent that cold, clammy feel. It’s also the best thermal-regulating fiber there is. Wool helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night. Another plus, you won’t have to worry about dust mites – wool naturally deters them.

Look for a wool topper made with organically processed or untreated batting, wool fiber that is free of harmful chemicals and toxic flame retardants. The cover should be made of certified organic cotton, tufted or stitched to keep the wool batting from shifting.

A wool mattress topper, such as our 3” thick Suite Sleep wool mattress topper, feels luxuriously plush. Wool batting naturally compresses over time so this topper will feel slightly more dense and firmer after the first year of use but will continue to provide wonderful pressure point relief.

Natural Latex:

A mattress topper made of pure natural latex provides cushioning pressure relief and consistent support over time. It’s resilient with a supple feel and retains its shape and support for many years. Additional comfort features you’ll love:  natural latex breathes and deters dust-mites. 

Natural latex used in toppers may be offered in two types -- Talalay and Dunlop. The difference is in the processing, which results in firmness options. Choose Talalay if you like a pillow-soft, enveloping feel. It will yield more to your body and is springier than Dunlop. Choose Dunlop for a slightly more firm and denser feel than Talalay.

Look for natural latex (real rubber) toppers, processed without synthetic fillers or chemical coatings. A good quality cover is made of certified organic cotton quilted with a thin layer of wool, which acts as a natural flame retardant.  If you like the support of natural latex but also love the sleep benefits of wool consider a combo topper such as the Vesta by Suite Sleep. The natural latex core in this topper is covered on both sides with 1.5” of wool and covered with soft, tufted organic cotton double knit fabric.