How-To Care for Your Cloth Shower Curtain

Shower curtains made of untreated cotton canvas, hemp or nylon do a great job at stopping water from spraying outside the shower. They work like a wick, channeling water downwards through the cloth into the tub. No liner needed.

A natural fiber or nylon shower curtain will last for years with proper care. Fabric is especially vulnerable to mold and mildew because it can easily retain moisture. When a curtain remains wet and never completely dries, mold/mildew sets in. However, it is possible to control mildew naturally. Here are a few tips for keeping your cloth shower curtain fresh and clean: 

1. Allow curtain to dry completely between showers

 2. Wash curtain on a regular basis

 3. Remove mildew build-up and stains

 4. Rotate your curtain