Alpaca: The Best Natural Pillows and Comforters

When it comes to natural bedding an Alpaca comforter ranks high on our list of favorites. Why? It feels lighter than sheep’s wool and comfortably warmer than goose down and silk.  Alpaca’s unique light and warm combination is especially cozy during cold nights when you want really good thermal warmth but don’t want to be weighed down.  

Alpaca pillows are wonderfully comfortable, too. The fine, silky fiber allows you to sink-into the soft loft while experiencing medium to firm support.  Like a natural wool pillow, Alpaca will compress overtime but doesn’t easily clump or feel too dense.  You’ll find the loft feels a little buoyant, not as much as a natural latex pillow, but just enough to buffer sensitive pressure points.

At first glance you might think Alpaca is wool. After all Alpaca bedding naturally resists flame, dust-mites and moisture-build up just like sheep’s wool. But Alpaca is different in the way it looks and feels. The fleece is harvested from a domesticated species of the South American camelid, which resembles a llama.  The cute & quirky animal produces luxurious Alpaca fiber that is considered smoother than silk, finer than cashmere, stronger than mohair, softer than cotton and is not prickly like some wool.

Crescent Moon Alpaca Comforters: filled with organically raised Alpaca fiber blended with a small amount of sheep’s wool for extra loft and insulation. Fiber is processed without harsh chemicals. Covered in soft organic cotton. Made in Canada.