4 Ways to Keep Your Natural Latex Mattress Clean

How do you keep your Savvy Rest or Sleeptek natural latex mattress clean when washing it isn’t an option? Here are four things you can do to keep your mattress free of dirt and moisture.

1. Keep it covered with a mattress pad.

The casing that covers the natural latex layers of your mattress is not washable so it’s very important to keep it protected. An organic mattress pad is an essential component to keeping your natural mattress clean and dry.

Choose an organic cotton or wool pad that provides a snug fit. Place it on top of your mattress before putting on your fitted bottom sheet. These washable natural fiber pads breathe and are good at absorbing and wicking sweat. Follow our helpful tips for choosing the right one for you.

2. Add extra protection with a waterproof mattress protector.

Accidents happen. This type of pad adds a waterproof barrier that blocks liquids from passing through to your mattress.  Use in place of a mattress pad or with a pad as an extra layer. A good choice if you sleep with kids or pets.

3. Vacuum the casing.

From time to time vacuum your natural latex mattress casing. Keep it on the mattress and use your vacuum’s hand held attachment to remove dust build-up.

4. Spot clean the casing only when absolutely necessary.

Damp sponge the soiled spot with a solution of cold water and mild natural soap. Do not saturate or rub vigorously as this may cause the cotton and wool fibers to shrink. Spot clean the casing only, never the latex material. Air dry.