Sleeptek Woolly Bolas Pillow w/Knit Cover

  • This wool pillow is a comfy choice for side sleepers who want medium support and a firmer feel than kapok or down. Sleeptek makes it with organic woolly bolas, soft felted bits of fiber that offer a springier loft than wool batting fill. Covered with a zippered organic cotton cover so you can add or remove fill as needed.

    Learn all about what to look for when buying a woolly bolas pillow.
    • Fill made from GOTS certified organic wool
    • Wool is sourced from Corriedale sheep in Argentina, where they graze in fields free of pesticides and herbicides. Fiber is washed with just hot water and soap – no detergents, chemicals or chlorine are used.
    • Wool is a thermal regulating fiber and naturally resists flame, dust-mites and mildew
    • Cover with zipper opening made from GOTS certified organic cotton knit
    • Cotton is grown & harvested organically in the Peruvian Andes using traditional co-operative, hand-picked methods that ensure the cleanest, purest fiber. Cloth is woven in Peru and Belgium.
    • Dimensions: Standard 20" x 26", Queen 20" x 30", King 20" x 36"
    • Made in Canada
  • Freshen pillow with air and sun. Place it outside under direct sunlight from time to time for several hours. When in use, keep it protected in a pillow protector and pillow case.