Malpaca Alpaca Filled Pillow

  • Lofty and weighty, the Malpaca alpaca pillow feels luxuriously comfortable and supportive. Filled with hypoallergenic alpaca fiber, this natural pillow is a good choice if you’re sensitive to dust-mite and mildew allergens. Choose from 3 different levels of fill: light, medium and full.

    Learn how alpaca pillows compare to other natural pillows.
    • Fill made from 100% alpaca fiber from animals raised in a natural setting without herbicides or dipped in pesticide baths.
    • Fiber is cleaned with natural soap -- no chemicals, dyes or bleaches are used during processing.
    • Alpaca is naturally fire retardant and resistant to dust-mites, mildew/mold
    • Cover made from 100% Viscose Organic Bamboo, OCIA International Organic Certified
    • Medium Fill – preferred by most
    • Made in the USA Certified®
  • To clean and deodorize, place in sunshine for a few hours. When in use, cover with a breathable pillow protector and pillow case.