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Down-to-Earth Comforter - Winter Weight

Down, Inc

  • This winter weight down comforter by Down, Inc. will keep you toasty warm on the coldest nights. Made with more fill and thicker loft than our fall weight down comforter. It’s a fluffy, cozy option if you consistently sleep cold or need an extra layer of warmth during very cold weather.

    Learn how a down comforter compares to other types of natural comforters.
    • Cover made from down proof GOTS certified organic cotton
    • Filled with 100% white duck down, 600 fill power
    • Box stitched to prevent fill from shifting
    • Dimensions: Twin 70" x 90", Full/Queen 92" x 96", King 106" x 96"
    • Down Fill Weight: Twin 32 oz., Full/Queen 46 oz., King 55 oz.
    • Down fill is sourced from an Indiana duck farm. It’s treated with steam twice to kill bacteria and washed with a fragrance-free, non-toxic soap to remove a water-based, non-toxic chemical used to reduce static charge that is associated with the natural fill.
    • Organic cotton fabric sourced and woven in India
    • Comforter made in the USA
  • Protect comforter from direct contact with body oils by using a duvet cover. Launder no more than once every 2 to 3 years unless there is obvious soiling. More frequent washing will shorten the life of your comforter.

    Machine wash on gentle in an oversized machine without a center agitator. Use warm water and mild detergent. Thoroughly dry on low heat well beyond the point where the outer fabric feels dry. This will prevent mildew from forming. Place a couple of tennis balls or dryer balls inside dryer to aid in the drying process. Remove and air-dry for additional 24 hours to release any residual moisture. In between laundering, occasionally place comforter outside in fresh air and sunshine. Frequent fluffing will help retain loft.

Vendor: Down, Inc

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