The Sleep Sack: Baby’s Safe, Wearable Blanket by Castleware

The sleep sack: baby's safe wearable blanket by Castleware


A baby sleep sack makes a safe alternative to traditional baby bedding. It’s a wearable blanket, or baby sleeping bag, that can’t be kicked off like a blanket or quilt. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sleep sacks because “they are designed to keep the infant warm without the possible hazard of head cover”.

Wearable blankets are a crib essential for parents who want to create a safe & healthy sleep environment for baby, especially when they’re made of soft, breathable organic cotton. Here at our organic baby store in Madison, WI our favorite sleep sack brand is Castleware….it’s our customer’s favorite, too! These USA-made organic cotton “cozies” not only keep baby covered and secure all night they are also free of chemical flame retardants. You don’t have to worry about your little one breathing in harmful toxins while sleeping.

How to fit a sleep sack:

We like that Castleware makes it very easy to determine the right size for your baby. Whether you choose a sleeveless or long sleeve style, follow their size chart to select the proper fit and keep in mind sleep sacks are designed with extra length for ease of movement.

Which weight fabric is best for a sleep sack?

Castleware makes their organic cotton sleep sacks in two fabrics of different weights. Their cotton interlock is ideal when you need a light cover and their cotton velour is best when you need a thicker, warmer cover. When choosing a sleep sack fabric/weight it’s important you consider seasonal temperatures, how warm or cold baby’s room is and what baby wears under the sleep sack.