Kid’s Natural & Organic Mattresses: The #1 Reason to Buy One




The #1 reason to invest in a kid’s natural latex mattress or organic innerspring bed is to protect your child from toxic chemical flame retardants. These alternatives to conventional beds are made with natural fire protection. Here’s what to look for:

Wool batting in the mattress casing
:  when used as batting in a quilted mattress casing like our Little Lamb Natural Latex Mattress, wool meets Federal fire safety requirements. Wool is naturally slow to ignite. And, its inherently flame resistant thanks to its unique ability to hold and release moisture.

Steel innerspring wrapped in natural materials: Naturepedic’s organic innerspring mattresses meet Federal and State flammability standards by using all natural materials instead of flammable polyurethane foam and petroleum-based fabrics.  Organic cotton, PLA fiber (non-toxic polyester derived from corn and potato starch) and steel springs tend to smolder instead of bursting into flame.

Why should you be concerned about chemical flame retardants? Many types of conventional mattresses, especially those made with synthetic foam and fabrics, are treated with toxic flame retardants such as PBDE’s and chlorinated Tris. These harmful chemicals are not only used in mattresses they also are used in many household and baby goods.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reports, “Scientists have found that exposure to minute doses of toxic fire retardants at critical points in (a child’s) development can damage reproductive systems and cause deficits in motor skills, hearing, learning, memory and behavior.”

The Chicago Tribune’s 'Playinh With Fire' investigation revealed flame retardant chemicals in our furniture doesn't provide the fire safety benefits we once thought. In fact, they’re causing more harm than good. These toxic chemicals are showing up in our bodies, which are linked to increased risk of cancer, infertility and brain disorders.    

What’s in your child’s mattress really does matter. In addition to non-toxic fire protection, natural and organic beds provide other healthy comforts.  Join us for our next post about the sleep benefits of organic cotton, wool and natural latex.