Duck Down Pillows: A Favorite Natural Pillow

duck down pillows made in the USA

A good quality duck down pillow is a very comfortable, long-lasting natural pillow and is often priced more affordably than goose down. We offer USA-made duck down pillows and a 20% duck down/80% feather pillow. They’re not only comfortable, the cleanliness and integrity of the fill material is top notch. Here’s why our duck down pillows are a favorite natural pillow for many of our customers:

Washed twice and sterilized

Cleanliness of down and feather fill is essential to the quality and comfort of a down pillow. The down and feather materials used in our pillows are washed once at the farm level and then thoroughly washed again, sterilized and sorted at the processing facility. This patented dual-wash method produces FDA approved hypoallergenic down and feather fill.  

Plump and lofty

The 600 fill power (loft level + down quality) gives our duck down and down/feather pillows plenty of plump and resilience for comfortable sleep. And, they look pretty on your bed, too! The feeling is light and fluffy. You’ll find our duck down pillows compress easier and rebound quicker than our wool and kapok filled pillows.

Soft, Medium and Firm Support

What level of firmness and support do you like in your pillow? You can easily sink into, squish and shape any of our down pillows as you change sleep positions. But you’ll want to pick just the right firmness (density) to get the proper support. Here’s what we recommend: 

Covered with organic down-proof cotton

Another special feature of our duck down pillows is the 230 TC organic cotton cover. It’s not only woven tightly to keep feather quills from escaping it is also GOTS certified organic. The GOTS certification ensures no harmful chemicals were used to produce the fabric from fiber to finished cloth. This fabric is produced in China following GOTS standards and then imported to the US where cases are sewn and stuffed.

With proper care your duck down pillow will last for many years. Be sure to always keep a pillow protector and pillow case on your pillow. If washing your down pillow is absolutely necessary follow our suggested care instructions.